Brown morning
Brown morning

«Matin brun» (Brown morning)
by Franck Pavloff

Publishing house «KompasGid», 2011

annotation: «Brown Morning» — a short story written by Frank Pavloffom in December 1998. «Brown Morning» — is marifest against political unanimity, the metaphor of the «brown shirts» — the nickname given to the Nazi SS police. Fenomer antifascist novel «Brown Morning» Frank Pavloffa really impressive: a booklet of 12 pages and cost 1 euro — that’s more than 10 years on the bestseller list in France, has stood for more than 40 editions, and the total circulation of more than 1,500,000 copies. The book «Brown Morning» became especially popular after the first round of the French presidential elections in 2002, when the far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen (National Front) came out in the second round. Now this childish anti-fascist book discusses in educational institutions in 25 countries.»

Merry geometry for the smallest

«Merry geometry for the smallest» by Alexander Timofeevskiy

Publishing house «KompasGid», 2013

annotation: «The New book russian widely known poet, author of the famous "Song of the crocodile Gena" Alexander Timofeevskiy with bright illustrations Leonid Shmelkova playfully acquaints children with the basic concepts of geometry. In verses of Timofeevskiy funny joke humor and is always combined with a careful look at the world, which will help young readers to relate until suddenly strange geometric concepts with the long-familiar household objects»

Merry geometry for the smallest
Merry geometry for the smallest
Merry geometry for the smallest

Des histoires presses

«Des histoires pressées»
by Bernard Frio

Publishing house «KompasGid», 2013

annotation: «Everyone knowns that children think differently. Their world is full of incredible adventures, and it is unclear how to grow from them so boring adults. They are terribly impatient, and long stories with moral force them to yawn and recalculate the birds outside the window. The famous French writer Bernard Frio lucky of course, he, like everyone else, grew up, but to be boring - not his destiny. In their tiny sketches, he describes this child lives, where the sugar bowl is easily possible to meet or snake boa, and on the shelf with appliances in a supermarket certainly find a prince-iron.»

SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY   [as a book illustrator]

«Le hollandais sans peine» by Marie-Aude Murail, «Samokat», 2014
«Nouvelles histoires pressées» (New Impatient Stories) by Bernard Frio, Publishing house «KompasGid», 2013
«Des histoires pressées» (An Impatient Stories) by Bernard Frio, Publishing house «KompasGid», 2013
«Merry geometry for the smallest» by Alexander Timofeevskiy, Publishing house «KompasGid», 2013
«We are not all Beauties» by Valeriy Popov, «Samokat», 2013
«Matin brun» (Brown morning) by Franck Pavloff, Publishing house «KompasGid», 2011
«Ararahis’s Magic Feathers» by Alexander Yakubenko, «Terevinf», 2011
«Golden Boy» selected tales by Hans Christian Andersen, «Moscovskie uchebniki», 2007

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